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Check Rank of Any Engineering College in VTU

Visvesvaraya Technological University is a university situated in Karnataka.
VTU has more than 200 colleges affiliated to it and is one of the biggest Technological University in India.


  • Does a college with good rank means it has good campus recruitment oppurtunities ?

Not Necessary, please note that a college with good rank does not mean that it has a good campus recruitment, because of the fact that we are considering only student’s marks / performace in the examination to rank these colleges.You can contact the H.R or the students of the respective colleges to know more about the campus recruitment oppurtunities in the respective college.

  • What does ‘Rating’ of a college mean ?

It is average percentage secured by the student in that particular college

Example – If a college has a rating of 7.8 then it means that almost all students of that college have got an FCD [First Class Distinction] in the respective examinations

  • How a small / new college is able to rank higher than a big / popular college ?

Lets take up a example

Consider College ‘A’, a well known college with large number of students studying in the college.
and Consider a College ‘B’ [a small college] with less number number of students.

College ‘A’ – In this college, many students are getting Distinctions but at the same time there are also a large number of students who are underperforming, and due to these underperforming students the average percentage / rating of the college may go down

College ‘B’ – This college has less number of students compared to College ‘A’,  but almost all the students in the college get Distinction then average percentage of the college will increase and it will have a good chance of securring a good rank.

  • Why are popular colleges like Ramaya Not listed ?

VTU HUB has marks of only those students who are studying in colleges affiliated to VTU, hence we cannot include or rank autonomous colleges


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