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Automatic Results Notifier Service Stopped Until Further Notice 

Automatically Get Email When VTU Results Announced

VTU HUB Result Alerts Notifications

When results are announced, VTU servers often go down and due to this, students face a lot of difficulty.
So VTUHUB has now designed a unique and first of its kind – The VTU Results Alert Notification System.

Automatic Results Notifier Service Stopped Until Further Notice 

VTUHUB robot checks for new results at regular intervals, as soon as it finds that it has been announced it will send an Email Alert to its users.
Note Currently, results are not being included in the Email but users will still get an Email Alert when they are announced.

A student just needs to submit his Email Id and his USN [Optional].

  • Eg to Register 1ab11cs001 with email id [email protected] can simply enter their email id and USN directly in the box
  • Eg to Register 1ab10cs001 and 1db12ec001 with email id [email protected] can enter 1ab10cs001,1db12ec001 in USN box and [email protected] in the Email field.
  • Additionally, if you enter any USNs while subscribing, VTUHUB will fetch it results and will include it in the Email
  • The USN can be of any branch and any semester.
  • If you do not enter any USN and only provide us with your Email Id, you will still be notified when results are announced.
  • Please note that if VTU’s main server is very busy then you may not receive the results via Email but you will receive a notification via Email


  • VTUHUB Robot keeps checking if any new results are announced, as soon as it finds that its announced it AUTOMATICALLY sends you an email..
  • This will also be stored in our database, so you can visit VTUHUB and check your result later if needed

To UnSubscribe, Enter your Email Id in the below box

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