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VTU B.E, MCA, MBA, M.Tech Results |June / July 2014 Examinations

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  • Announced for MCA, MBA and M.Tech ( Part Time ) for All Semesters .
  • Announced for B.E 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Semester for All Regions of June / July 2014 Examination.
  • Bangalore 6th Semester is expected to be announced today, 29th July after 9 pm. [Deccan Herald]
  • Announced for 6th Semester, Belgaum ,Gulbarga and Mysore Region
  • Announced for 2nd Semester, Bangalore.
  • Announced for M.Tech 2nd Semester for All Region of course in BBI, BCE, CGI, CWR, LCS, LDE, LDN, LEC, LEL, LVS, MAU, MDE, MPD, MTP, SCN, SCS, SSE, BBT, CWM, EPE, EPS, FTE, HCE, INT, LBI, LDC, LIE, LNI, MCM, MPM, MPT, MPY, MSE, MST, SCE of Examination June/July 2014.
  •  Now Announced for 1st / 2nd Semester Belgaum, Gulbarga and Mysore.
  •  VTU Results for B.E 1st and 2nd semester, Belgaum, Gulbarga and Mysore are expected to be announced on tuesday, 22nd July i.e today [Deccan Herald]


  • B.Arch Announced for All Semesters of all regions
  • Announced for MBA 1st, 2nd and 3rd Semester.
  • MCA Results for all semesters are expected to be announced on sunday i.e today [THE HINDU] Update – Now Announced
  • Announced for 8th Semester Bangalore and Mysore region.
  • According to WebIndia news, VTU Results of 8th Semester for Bangalore and Mysore regions are expected to be announced today, but a VTU Official declined this and has said that its not yet confirmed if its today or tommorow.
  • Announced for Belgaum.
  • 8th Semester Belgaum, is expected to be announced Today [The HINDU].
  • Announced for 8th Semester, Gulbarga.
  • Gulbarga region is expected today, bangalore will take 1 or 2 days. [Bangalore Mirror].

Note – The below information is related only to B.E 8th Semester Results June / July 2014

KG Shekarappa , registrar (evaluation) said

“The announcement in a week for one region is really an achievement for us as we are always blamed for slow results. Bangalore region will be declared in a day or two.” 

“Evaluators are working as late as 1 am. The examinations for other semesters are on and we hope to declare even theirs at the earliest”

Due to late vtu results, final year students specially those who are looking to go for higher studies face a lot of problems.

With approximately four lakh students writing the exams, Visvesvaraya Technological University has taken it as a challenge to announce the Eight semester results within 8 – 10 days from its last examination [According to Bangalore Mirror].
The 8th semester exams will end by June 12 2014 and according to the university it will announce its results by June 20. [Error margin 2 days]

Another advantage the students are expected to get from this is that students who are looking to apply for revaluation, can apply  and get revaluation results faster.

According to H G Shekarappa, registrar (evaluation), has taken a lot of steps to acheive this

  • Strict instructions sent to all evaluation centres to scan answer scripts on the same day of examination i.e answer scripts of exams conducted on thursday, should be scanned and sent digitally to evaluators for valuation by thursday evening.
  • Marking of answer scripts should be finished by the evening of the next day of the examination and send a report to the registrar’s (evaluation) office in Belgaum.
  • It has also increased the number of evaluation centres.
  • Subject specific evaludation centre system has been removed, before all civil engineering papers were evaluated at gulbarga, electronics at bangalore, With this system the faculties were finding it difficult to travel to gulbarga , bangalore or other places. But now all subjects will be evaluated at all centres.
  • Examiners will be allowed to choose a centre that is near to them.and about 1,500 examiners are expected to be available on each day.
  • Before practical exams were marked first followed by theory subjects. But now both will evaluated simultaneously.

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